Welcome a new member of your family
Walle. Designed to be glimpsed
Move into the future
Walle replaces the static paper wall calendar and provides even more useful real-time information. It is a digital home information center which enables you to live simply.
Look, read, know
Glance over at the weather forecast when you're leaving the house. Read breaking news and be up-to-date with the world. Get to know the next bus departure time. Everything without any interaction with the screen.
Family assistant at home
You can plan family time based on calendar events and get instant reminders about the important ones. Walle helps you to be organized on a daily basis. Make to-do lists and share them with other family members.
Walle, turn the lights on
Built-in voice service becomes your home assistant. Tell Walle to control smart home devices so you don't have to waste time pulling the phone out of your pocket.
Stay smart, stay wise
Walle is also a platform for managing your home automation. With wireless controllers you can effortlessly control central heating and adjust the temperature in a friendly way. Thanks to better energy management you save money.